Xanatov IV

* History

Discovered by the Xanatov Dynasty Cruiser The Transryu, the planet was originally rumored to be a lost colony hearkening to the days of the Great Crusade. It’s atmosphere initially being a sickly green, sun-denying toxin, hid a lush green world of odd forests and several surprising villages, towns, and even cities. After a brief skirmish with local defenses, Lord Captain Xanatov and his retinue made the acquaintance of the apparent ruler; an Astartes Librarian of the traitorous chapter The Thousand Sons.

Apparently uncorrupted and perhaps lost in time, the Librarian Sanashiar initially inquired as to the events of the Great Crusade. Upon discovering how far gone events were, he enlisted the help of the Lord Captain to purge the world of the highly dangerous xenos and to cleanse the atmosphere, eliminating the need for the Astartes to shepherd the colonial ancestors. Within a few short months, hundreds of terrible and monstrous creatures were extirpated, and the Explorator Faye Tassa, with the help of Sanashiar and the vault of knowledge of The Thousand Sons, a grand machine was built that would slowly purify the atmosphere.

Satisfied of his charges’ safety, the Librarian and the Lord Captain convened a meeting of local stewards and help to finalize the unification of the scattered communities, giving the colony its namesake. Promising to return with numerous necessities, and leaving a number of missionaries and adeptuses to teach them, the Lord Captain and Sanashiar embarked for Imperial territory.

* Resources

Xanatov IV boasts irregular and amazing natural resources, from gourds that grow ripe to produce a close analogue of Promethium, to a healthy fruit similar in all aspects to Grox steak, to trees stronger and sharper than steel. The colony thus far seems to lack natural minerals, a very necessary resource for continued civilization.__

Xanatov IV is approximately 10 weeks out from The Ranch, and 12 weeks out from Euastis Majoris.

Xanatov IV

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